Key Differentiators

Our focus is project management — not clerical, not admin. Project management 100% of the time.

90% of our consultants are associated with PMI, the governing body of project management. What does that mean? They are totally invested in industry-recognized project management principles and processes, continually training and mastering new skills with continuing education classes and seminars.

80% of our consultants are PMP, ACP and MPO certified: The Best of the Best!

Our consultants come from various industries, including I.T., healthcare, utilities, entertainment, pharmaceuticals, finance/banking and telecommunications, they’ve worked in small, medium, large and startup entities across private, non-profit and public (government) sectors.

Purple consultants are comfortable in working short and long-term assignments.

The Purple management team is not made up of recruiters. We are project managers — certified project managers. We love project management because we understand what a successful project means to your organizations. It’s not about billable hours. It’s about ensuring your project succeeds.

In-depth, comprehensive interview process

Our candidate interview process is in-depth and thorough. We conduct interviews in person, not over the phone. We aim to determine why a particular consultant is the right fit for your assignment and organization.

Our interview process does not end with the consultant. We interview the client as well. We consult with stakeholders and other project leaders to learn as much as possible about the corporate environment. This helps Purple to identify not only the most skilled project manager for the assignment but the best fit for your organization.

Purple’s goal is to put the consultant in the optimum position to succeed on the project assignment. We don’t try and put a square peg in a round hole. We understand that the most successful projects and managed by Project Managers who love the work that they do.

Project Management is Purple’s niche. We focus on consultant development and improvement. Purple’s consultant will be prepared to enter your environment because they will be informed of the details needed to facilitate the project to it’s success. Since we are Project Managers ourselves we go beyond relying on the generic job description, we know that’s half the story. We know you are looking for more than a warm body who happens to know what on the job description. Purple’s consultants are Project Managers who bring so much more to the table.