We help organizations execute the projects that actualize their corporate vision

It Really is All About Relationships

Where client engagement is the cornerstone of our philosophy, where collaboration
is a partnership based on trust, where collective goals are realized through steady teamwork

Project Management

The discipline of initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing the
work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria

A collaborative effort: Purple, candidate, & client

Vested In Your Growth

We don’t want to be just another vendor you work with on occasion. We want to be a
full partner and natural extension of your business that is vested in your growth and success.

Qualified PM’s Ready to Go

Project Managers, Program Managers, Product Managers, Portfolio Managers, Business

Sector Experience

We will not make placements that are just “okay” fits with your project and
organization. Our placements will have the hard and soft skills, including industry sector
experience, necessary to begin adding value on day one.

We Are Project Managers

We are not generic recruiters trying to fill job orders across a wide employment
spectrum. We are experienced project managers dedicated to the core principles and processes of
project management and focused exclusively on placing talented project professionals with companies
that recognize the value of high-quality placements.

Did You Know?

Companies that have a mature Project Management Office:

  • – Save an average of $71,000 per project
  • – Deliver 30% of Projects under budget
  • – Deliver 19% of projects ahead of schedule
  • – Reduce the number of failed projects by 31%
  • – Increased productivity by 21%
  • – Improved strategic alignment and increased accountability via cost benefit and delivery
  • – Strengthen their ability to track fulfillment of strategic objectives
  • – Bolster customer relationships

Statistics provided by Project Management Institute

Finding Premier Talent

This is what our Clients say about Purple

“I have worked with Thomas and Purple Impact Strategies on a myriad of projects consistently over the
past 15 months. I greatly enjoy working with Thomas because of his passion for his business and the
ethics he employs in working with his people. Thomas has always been honest and forthright about his
dealings with me and my company. When we’ve hit bumps in the road, Thomas has always been fair and
professional in going about sorting out the problems with us. Not only is Thomas an upstanding business
owner, but he is always onboard to help me in any way he can, whether it’s through a referral or simply
by talking through an idea. Lastly, I value working with Purple Impact Strategies because they have a
commitment to quality over quantity, something that is hard to find in today’s world. I enjoy working
with Purple tremendously, and hope our relationship continues for years to come.”

Erin Sujan, Sujan Creative

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